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Our Business Grow Getaway is a tax-deductible opportunity to retreat, relax and reconnect for individuals and business owners- without distractions.

It’s a chance to learn from some of Australia’s leading facilitators to grow your business so you can be where you want to be.


The Problem;

The problem we identified was that there were many business workshops that were only focusing on one dimension of a business, or on the growth of the individual. We saw people were beginning to question and search for a more holistic approach to business growth but were unable to find it encompassed in one comprehensive workshop.

The Solution

The Business Growth Getaway is a luxurious, productive and tax-deductible learning retreat where we provide real life skills to owners and managers from all over Australia that can be implemented in their businesses immediately. You will learn from real examples within the workshop, honing skills that can be shared with your staff and used to make changes both within yourself and your business. This engenders ongoing positive flow towards the treatment of your staff and customers.

Our workshop flow, implemented by hand-picked facilitators, has been carefully structured to ensure you gain very real skills that you can implement immediately in the order that they need to be applied.  

We don’t offer a ‘quick fix’ or ‘5 easy steps to growth’ solution. This is business growth without the bullshit. What we provide are the tools and encouragement to work on yourself, on your business and then within your business to ensure continued growth with the expertise and support of qualified and experienced facilitators.

This business growth happens through an acute understanding of what is really happening in your business and the external environment, when to recognise the need for change, when to implement it and how to implement it.


Who will benefit?

Business Growth Getaway was developed with busy business owners and managers in mind – to give an opportunity for growth while relaxing, networking, developing and preparing for the next giant leap forward in the business.

We appreciate everyone is an expert at what they “do” and none of us can tell you how to “do” better than you.  However, we can help with;

  • Recharging your batteries in a luxury paradise
  • Engaging with other business owners and developing a solid support network
  • Really getting absorbed with uninterrupted time to work on your business - no distractions, no phone calls, no emails, no kids, no dogs barking, just you and your business from a bird’s eye view

If one of the following applies, then BGG is right for you;

  • You have created a small start-up with a great idea and want to get it right from the onset
  • You’ve been operating for a few years and are feeling burnt out or not sure how to take that next step forward in modernizing your business process in order to step into the next phase.
  • You are part of a bigger team from a larger company who wants to connect and develop their staff and business and utilize the opportunity for a team building retreat.
  • You are a franchise owner or head office executive who wants to set up new owners for success.
  • You’ve recognized you and your business need change and aren’t sure how to identify the who, what, where or when.

Book now, we guarantee you won’t regret it.


The Flow….

Day One

Session 1- Strategic Project Manager and Consultant | The Benchmark

Determining where we are now, who are we, where do we want to go, and how do we get there?

Session 2 - Psychologist | The Mind

Once we’ve determined where we want to go, we start to work on ourselves: learn how unhelpful worry can block productive thinking and learn strategies for “unblocking” stuck thoughts.

Learn how to shift emotion and the difference between appropriate and unhelpful emotions.

Session 3 - Accountant | Due Diligence 

Ensure you and your business are set up for long-term financial success and growth by focusing on day-to-day accounting and business process automation, business structure, business forecasting and ongoing advisory.

Day Two

Session 4 - Performance Coach | Mindfulness

Connect your mind and body in order to learn to holistically implement new skills and strategies across all aspects of life.

Understand how stored beliefs and stories in the body can affect the nervous system, hormones and our ability to create the life we want.

Learn how to cultivate fertile ground for creating incredible results, and the embodied practice and mindset tools in service of this.

Learn how to set goals and actually achieve them with both your mind and body on board.

Session 5- Digital Marketing | Become searchable

Learn how to attract new customers to your business, implement strategies to make yourself “googleable” and mark your digital footprint without being overwhelmed. 

Session 6 - Business Development | Exceptional Customer Delivery

Learn how to build rapport with clients, keeping the ball in play and preparing for meetings to increase their chance of positive results.

Prospecting new clients and successful cold calling

How to back yourself in a meeting or interview and maintain your professional integrity.

Staying calm under pressure.

How to make promises you can keep and deliver reliable results that make you stand out from your peers.



What is included?

The price of the retreat includes:

  • Flights to and from Cairns departing from Melbourne*.
  • Transfers
  • All meals, including morning and afternoon teas (which we rate as very important!)
  • Welcome dinner: 2 course meal and drinks at Lagoon View Terrace, Sea Temple Resort
  • Comprehensive travel insurance
  • 3 nights’ accommodation at Pullman Seatemple in Port Douglas *subject to availability
  • 2 day workshop
  • Workbook and materials
  • Real life skills to implement immediately in your business


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