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Strategy Breakthrough Sessions

Our Strategy Breakthrough Sessions are an epic opportunity to help you set your objectives, examine the current state of your business, identify any challenges, and what needs to happen to begin to change and grow. We will discuss and plan how this will happen, the processes needed, and who will be accountable for each step.

The Breakthrough Sessions are about working with owners and managers to ensure their business functions more effectively, overcome any blockages and achieve their ultimate goals. We create fluid and flexible strategies rather than immoveable rigid plans.

This program usually occurs over 2-4 sessions as we set up pathways to achieve your goals and determine your greater company vision.  We will travel down the path to positive business growth, utilizing a process that ensures that every step is successfully completed before moving on to the next one.

Our main objective in helping you determine your next steps is that you can essentially self-manage the changes and sustained growth in your business

This includes selecting your own designers, developers and copywriters to put it all together. You aren’t locked in or held hostage by us, but we are there to support you in moving forward.

We can meet face to face, via video chat or on the phone. So whether you are based in Melbourne or elsewhere in Victoria or Australia, geographical location is not a barrier to your success. 

We believe in creating easy-to-follow processes; setting you up with great ideas to meet your objectives and grow your business in the simplest way possible.

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Business Growth
Project Management

The objective of our Business Growth Project Management package is to actively oversee and implement the steps of the growth plan created during the Strategy Breakthrough Sessions. A lot of business owners and managers may be too pressed for time, don’t have the skills or simply don’t have the desire to self-manage the changes need to grow their business.  

[ Change can be intimidating so as part of our due diligence, we avoid across-the-board disruption in order to smoothly transition to a reinvigorated operation. ]

Refinished Business can continue to work with you to grow and evolve the processes and strategies on an ongoing basis. We customise the package to suit your objectives and budget.

Options include:

  • Ongoing consultation to ensure accountability, goal setting and planning is continually tested, measured and achieved in conjunction with company values and vision
  • Project management - web copy, branding, marketing, social media content, connecting, setting up, problem solving, task management and implementation
  • Ongoing admin - blogging, copywriting, editing, general administration, executive management and calendar management

Limited spots available.

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Business Growth Getaway

The Business Grow Getaway is a tax-deductible opportunity to retreat, relax and reconnect with yourself and your business without distractions. It’s a chance to learn from some of Australia’s leading facilitators to grow your business so you can be where you want to be

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Our team can also assist with:


and Design

Our designers will develop a unique corporate identity for your business that tells your story to your customers.  Adapt that to your sales & marketing collateral, creating a streamlined image.

Sales and marketing support and collateral

Build self-sufficient marketing plans and templates to allow you to develop your business at your own pace while taking control of your marketing budget.  We can create virtually any sales/print collateral to help you promote your business and strategise when to use it.


We can assist with social media content creation, blogging, SEO friendly web copy, brochure content, company profile, newsletters and much much more! 


Business & Executive Management

Ease your workload & stress on several fronts including diary management, staffing, policy development, sales calls, administrative assistance, competitor research & more.


We can take over virtually any company project and see it through to completion, ensuring efficient processes are set up and in place.


A member of our team can work with you to start and finish any minute tasks to free up your time to work on the things that are really important! 

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