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Nicole Stewart, Performance Coach

Nicole Stewart is committed to living an ‘out of the box’ extraordinary life and supporting others to do the same. She couldn’t see a clear traditional path for herself as a younger woman, so instead forged her own pathway: as a performance coach, athlete, embodiment teacher, entrepreneur and personal growth aficionado. Nicole works with businesses, teams, entrepreneurs and individuals around the world to support them in connecting with their own inner compass to live their truth courageously in the world.

Nicole spent most of her 20’s pursuing success in the equestrian sport of three-day eventing and competed to an elite level. A potentially fatal equestrian accident in 2008 sparked a journey of self inquiry which ultimately lead to her becoming qualified as a high-performance coach helping other athletes to perform at their best. A highlight during this time came when a client of Nicole’s won a Gold Medal at the London 2012 Paralympics.

As she approached her late 20’s, Nicole’s training had been focused exclusively on harnessing the power of your mind. A set of personal circumstances at the beginning of 2016 tipped Nicole into burnout, prompting her to begin studying the body. She dedicated herself to understanding the body as our unconscious mind and the source of our intuition, along with the power of our sexuality. 

Today, Nicole brings a potent blend of world class performance coaching tools and deep knowledge of the power of our body and sensuality to serve her clients to create lives and businesses beyond their wildest imaginings. Her high impact, dynamic style inspires transformation in the people she works with by giving them full permission to say yes to all of themselves, giving them tangible tools to live and create within their lives.

Nicole has appeared on Horse Chats International Podcast, in multiple industry magazines and on stage at Equitana Australia and Success Resources International. 

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