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Customer Testimonials

I had a goal of developing a more powerful and articulate brand presence.  It was particularly important to me that my brand identity actually reflected who I am and how I am experienced. 

Erin was instrumental in helping me establish what that identify was, and how to bring it to life through my online and print presence.  Many people have commented on the quality and congruence of the brand imagery and the consistent signatures throughout.

If you are looking for someone who can bring to life your dream of having a personal or business brand that is alive, vibrant and really stands out from the ordinary, I can’t recommend Erin enough.

Gerard Penna | Owner
Gerard Penna Leadership

Erin’s ability to jump in and literally wade thru the crap to find the gold in your business is unrivalled. If you are looking for an efficient, get stuff done person who has a big heart and loves what she does, then don’t go anywhere else!

Suzy George| Founder
Landlords of Australia 

Erin has the ability to assess the organisational structure around her and work within the confines of her environment. 

Her intuitive manner means that she can quickly asses a situation and effectively manipulate it without losing site of the end game.  In a very short time frame our business has undergone a quantum improvement.

Erin's ability to asses and manage her work environs means that our business has changed dramatically without disruptive structural reorganization. 

Quite an achievement for such a talented person.

Andrew Hickinbotham | Owner
Hickinbotham of Dromana

Arguably, everyone is an expert when it comes to their own business. What people won’t tell you is that being capable and committed to every aspect is not only time consuming, but is considerably taxing too. Erin provides a service that, for my business, has meant personal and professional growth, a unique understanding of my own business’ strengths and weaknesses and someone to run ideas past, or to even just chat over coffee.

I do and will continue to recommend her to as many businesses as I can.

James Baldwin | Owner
Four Pours Wine Distribution

Where on earth do I begin......As someone who loves to focus on their craft and has no idea where to begin when it comes to marketing and social media, I was fortunate enough to be lead to Erin.

If you're one of those people that believes in signs and see's a Refinished business advert, then click on it, and look no further. Erin was able to speak my language and explain how to approach marketing honestly, the amount of patience she has, is absolutely out of this world.

Erin coordinated my branding, design, website, the works! I honestly believe she has saved me years of procrastination and work. If anyone is looking for someone to coordinate their marketing, advertising and end game, then look no further then Refinished business. Erin you are amazing!!!

Claire Vannuccini |Owner

Erin made my web build an incredibly easy process and took the stress away. She also helped out my marketing and advertising understanding so I can now target my own customers better. Erin operated to a very high standard and the job wasn’t labelled complete until it was all perfect to my brief.

Lachlan Brennan | Owner
LB Fence Contracting