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Be Where You Want To Be

Posted By Refinished Business  
12:00 PM

“Be where you want to be.” I get asked often how and why this tag line came to be! 

In 2014, several opportunities led me to found Refinished Business.  Since then, I’ve developed things to ensure it could support and sustain the life and values I wanted for me and my family.  I was already over the 9-5 daily grind (not to mention the long commute), so taking that first step to going out on my own was an easy decision. 

In the early days of RFB, I met loads of small business owners who had been taken ‘hostage’ by various contractors and had no control over important aspects of their business.  It triggered me into thinking about what was important, what drives me, what motivates me, and then asking the same of my clients.  Where could my clients be, or what could they be doing if we took the stress and problems out of their businesses?  How could I help them in removing that ‘hostage’ situation?

Personally, money doesn’t motivate me.  Sure, being paid fairly for what I do is important, but it isn’t a driving factor. 

-On a personal level, it’s about balance of life, being able to play with my family, my horses, decide on a whim to go on an overseas ski trip, and still cover my bills.

-For my clients, I’m driven by change and results.  There is nothing more pleasing than seeing small changes lead to big results.

Sometimes these changes can happen quickly, but not always. Transformation can be frustrating and lead to arguments because we are passionate about the result. But eventually we get there. 

I love seeing managers' and owners' stress levels drop as their business becomes easier due to change.  That’s what ultimately motivates me.  

My husband and I recently decided to take advantage of a dual work opportunity in Europe and book a couple of days showjumping lessons (for me), a stop-over in Champagne (work for him but let’s be honest, I’ll get a kick out of that) and a quick ski trip in the French Alps on the tail end. An associate asked me why we did it so quick, why we booked it on such a whim.  My reply - Because life is short.  If we don’t do this stuff, what an earth are we going to work for?  

No matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient, we need to embrace change and use it to our advantage. So my challenge to you is this small exercise, either on your own, with your partner at home, or with your team at work; 

  1. What motivates you - why do you go to work, what do you live for?
  2. Once at work, why (besides money) are you there?
  3. What are you doing for your customers? What difference, no matter how small, can you make for them?  

Only then when you figure out what you live for, can you start living towards those goals.  Then you can truly “Be where you want to be”.