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We are all mad here!

Posted By Refinished Business  
15:00 PM

 There is no such thing as normal and weirdness is wonderful.  Some of my craziest and most successful ideas implemented in businesses have been the result of the silliest notions.  I am forever grateful to those clients who have held my hand, taken a leap of faith and let me loose in their organisation. 

The team you build around you is essential - and I’m not just talking about your paid staff - but the ones that don’t actually have to listen to you. The ones you surround yourself with for support, to bounce ideas off over wine or have a mad tea party with (or maybe sit on a mushroom with a strange caterpillar and smoke?). Whoever the Tweedle Dee is to your Tweedle Dum, they are the most important.  Choose this team as wisely as you would your High Performance Team.  They need to be supportive, analytical, unafraid to be critical and have the hard conversations with you when required.  Let’s call this your Wonderland Team.

Your Wonderland Team needs to be ready to be your biggest supporters when things are going well, or ready to pick you up and rally in times of conflict. If you are choosing between two doorways, they need to be knowledgeable enough to help you analyse them both without bias.  Sometimes business decisions take analytical conversation and don’t have simple instructions like “Drink me” to help us.  That’s where this high performing support team comes in.  They are the white rabbit to your curiosity and can help spark thought.  Your hat to your Mad Hatter. 

As manager of your team, you must remember to give support back, to recognise and reward their valuable contributions. While staff ultimately come and go as they outgrow your organisation, your Wonderland Team should stay with you for the duration of your working life. 

My Wonderland Team has grown over the years, and I am so grateful for them all.  Whilst they are all slightly crazy (?!*#) the information they have shared with me, and enabled in my professional and personal growth, has been priceless.  This development has allowed me to pass on that shared knowledge and provide value to those who employ my services. So never take them for granted!