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What's with the Pineapples?

Posted By Refinished Business  
15:00 PM

You know that feeling of dread you get when you encounter a problem in your business, life or sport where you need to just stop, breathe, be present and make a decision; but, despite knowing this you can’t move forward?  Your brain blacks out, you become emotional and end up in a downward spiral of shutdown autopilot, coupled with second helpings of verbal diarrhoea. 

It’s attractive right? Not really.  And it’s stressful. 

This used to happen to me a lot.  I’m the type of person who wears my heart on my sleeve and like an angry pitbull, had trouble letting things go.  I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been told to ‘just stop’.   While these qualities are negative in a vacuum, they are also the reason I’m good at what I do, so sometimes the pitbull gets let off the leash.  Just with better recall abilities.      

So, what was the change?

Something that helped me switch back on when my brain switched off was to think PINEAPPLE!


A single word to activate a neural pathway process can be a simpler way to check you back in to reality, snap you back into a mindful current state, and allow you to make conscious decisions in moments of stress.

It started as a bit of a joke some 17 years ago, but I’ve now seen firsthand the benefits of utilising the Pineapple Principles.  I changed the way I managed work and play.  But especially in my sport where I’ve tended to go into autopilot at competitions and rely on muscle or neural pathway memory. 

So, please use my Pineapple Principles to:

  • Snap in (when you lose focus)
  • Snap out (when you need a break or disconnect from intensity)
  • Tune in (pay attention to others)
  • Tune out (when the others don’t deserve your time)

It was my initial learnings of this mentality that activated a thought process in me.  It inspired me to develop a workshop that would help business owners overcome unhelpful thoughts.  But that wasn't enough, we decided to  combine other areas of development and training that small business owners also often missed out on; 

  • Accounting
  • Performance coaching
  • Psychology
  • Marketing
  • Professional development
  • And why not do all that on a luxury, all-inclusive tax-deductible holiday? 

You can learn a lot more about our Business Growth Getaway in Port Douglas QLD this August by clicking on the link below.

There is a tonne of information out there focussed on breathing techniques, automatic thoughts, choosing how to deal with ‘unproductive’ versus ‘productive worry’, and acceptance approaches. I highly suggest working through these with a psychologist.

Working in your business and/or sport can be difficult enough and it can take time to retrain your headspace. But for the sake of your business today, if you find yourself working through an issue, an emotion or some anxiety, and need to work through the headspace just think “Pineapple,” and let me know if it helps!

Failing that, if you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, then Pineapples are for you! 


Dedicating this blog to my best friend, whom I’ve pineapple-d on so many occasions I’ve lost count.  May she continue to inspire me and drive me.