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The Yin and Yang of Business Function

Posted By Refinished Business  
06:00 AM

The Yin and Yang of business function

There is so much research material out there on modern leadership and business styles, it’s easy to get confused with all the conflicting and overlapping information. 

Personally, I’m all about keeping things simple.  I like sauce on my meat pie, I like milk in my tea and honey on my pancakes. Don’t over think it.   

The key style of business flow that we follow at RFB, and how we present our strategy development and change to businesses, is thousands of years old and is influenced by the Eastern Principles.  

And it is really simple!

Yin and Yang.

The principles here aren’t difficult to grasp.  The two opposites of Yin and Yang attract and compliment each other. 

To us at Refinsihed, the Yin represents the internal workings or backend of a business; such as systems, staffing, policies, plans (all the seemingly boring stuff, which I personally love!).

The Yang represents the outer workings of the business; marketing, branding, promotion, sales, customer communications - all the polished pretty stuff essentially. 

Similarly to Yin and Yang, a business needs to be balanced in each of its actions and support reactions to ensure sustainability of the organisation.  Simply put: for every action to the front end of the business (such as a new promotion or advert) there needs to be a predetermined reaction in the process end of the business to support it.

On the Yin side of things, a business with a solid process and structure is limited without doing any promotion.  On the Yang side, if an organisation does not have the systems or support to accommodate more business when they run a promotion, they will suffer.  They’ll look disorganised, amateurish and won’t retain any new (or existing) customers. 

A friend of mine recently shared with me how she attended a workshop that gave her many wonderful ideas to implement in her business.  And she did.  And they all worked! Fantastic right?   Not so much.  The workshop was aimed purely at the Yang, all the front end stuff, but with no regard to the Yin to support it so things didn't work out as planned.   

If the business behind the scenes is working smoothly, people within the business are happier, and customers are serviced better. So, ensure before you start any promotion, that you’ve done your due diligence and can actually support more scalable customers.  When you start a promotion, make sure the material reflects you, your business, your brand and your ideal customer, and you have a system in place to support the sales. 

Happier staff and managers treat customers better.  Happy customers means repeat business. Repeat business means a successful business, successful business means happier owners….

So who really wins here?